Process Credit Cards directly through onswimSwim now has the ability to process credit card payments straight from a sale.1 During the sales process simply swipe the credit card with a magnetic card reader connected to your computer or device.

To start using your magnetic card reader with swim, just sign up to the credit card facility provided by XCharge here: XCharge Merchant Signup

Once you have created an account with XCharge the next step is to enter your account details in swim:

  1. Go to utilities
  2. Select Sales
  3. Select Merchant Services
  4. Click Enable and enter your XCharge Account Details
  5. Save

Finally, when you are in a sale and you’ve selected Visa, Mastercard or Amex a new window will appear on the sale. Just swipe the Credit Card and the rest is taken care of.

1The XCharge credit card merchant is available only to clients in the U.S and Canada