Instantly know your stock holding with RFID technology. Scan entire counters in minutes. Know instantly when an item is missing and improve your purchasing decisions with accurate inventory knowledge.

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Using RFID Tags in your store
  • Why Use RFID

    Manual or barcode scanning takes so long and requires stores to shut down an entire day just to count inventory, plus several days in reconciliation. This often leads to discrepancies, causing inaccurate results and making reconciliation virtually impossible.

  • Fully Integrated

    Use the RFID hardware directly within Swim. No integration or exporting is required. Simply use the RFID scanner just like a barcode scanner on sales, stock take, find stock and throughout Swim.

  • Easy to Install

    Simply plug the RFID appliance into the network, click to set up in Swim and away you go.

  • Accurate Inventory

    Quick, effective and frequent stocktake leads to accurate inventory which leads to better buying and stock holding decisions. 

  • Instant Reporting

    Find missing or stolen items when the loss is fresh. Understand your inventory performance. Do daily stock counts by counter or entire store.

  • Highly Affordable

    The same price as cordless barcode scanning, RFID is very affordable, and the tags are re-usable

  • Count Stock in Minutes

    Wave the cordless scanner on the counter and your stock count is complete.


  • Track anywhere

    Wireless scanners allow you to track any item anywhere in the store

  • RFID Tag

    Insert the RFID tag (chip) inside the standard jewelry labels. When the item is sold, the chip is re-used.