Supplier Management

Create supplier orders quickly and easily for new stock, replenishing stock or for customer makes. Know at all times which items to order, what is on order and when the item is to be delivered. Easily follow up orders and know which customer the order is for.

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Supplier Management with Swim Jewelry Software
  • Supplier Management

    Keep track of supplier details through their unique account and profile

  • Analysis

    Complete supplier performance analysis

  • Payable Forecast

    Payables forecast based on orders sent

  • Purchase Orders

    Quick and easy interface to create, track & receive orders. 

  • Electronic Import

    Electronic invoices, stock and picture import

  • Customer Tracking

    Track customer job numbers against purchase order item

  • Re-Ordering

    Easy order creation. Order items based on quantity sold, on hand, minimum quantity, fast-sellers and custom makes.

  • Model Number Management

    Keep track of supplier’s barcode numbers in addition to the model number. Mark minimum quantities for ordering.

  • Data Clensing

    Easily edit and merge supplier and model number information where duplication or incorrect information has occurred.