My Stock Item Transfers have not gone through. What now?

Stock Item Transfers have not gone through. What now?

In the event that you are transferring stock items from one store to another and you find that the items are not showing up in the Recieve Stock items area of the Receiving store, this is a good indication that your store-to-store connections at the time of the transfer were down.

If this is the case, generally when you actually perform the transfer at the sending store, or allocate stock when entering new stock into your system you will see a feedback message letting you know that the transfer was not able to be performed and that the item has been placed in a queue. The message appears in a yellow bar across the top of the screen.

What this means is that because the store-to-store connections were down, the item has quite literally been added to a queue until such time as your store-to-store connections come back up. When they do come up, the transfers should go through within the hour.


How can I avoid this happening?

The best way to avoid this happening is to check that all of the stores in your multistore environment are able to communicate with eachother prior to doing any stock entry or stock transfers. To do this you can refer to the 'Connections Utilitiy' which can be found on the Main Menu or Utilties pages up the top next to 'Utilities'.

If you are going to be entering stock or performing stock transfers over an extended period of time, it is also recommended that you keep checking the 'Connnections Utility' as you go to ensure you don't run into a situation where your store connections go down whilst you are still entering or transferring stock.