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I am very excited to write about SWIM jewelry software’s latest maintenance feature to reset Job’s Completed and Job’s Collected in sales. Several jewellery stores have contacted myself to discuss setting up the Job Tracking feature in SWIM.

At the time the store implemented SWIM the Job Tracking feature wasn’t used or wasn’t used correctly by the staff. Upon auditing the store’s SWIM site I was reporting back to the owners that unfortunately there was so many outstanding jobs in the system I was unable to set up Job Tracking accurately.

Thankfully SWIM has designed this new feature which resets job tracking by ticking the box of all sales as “Completed” and will add in the word Administrator in the “Collected by” field to any sales with this field outstanding. If a client name is in this field the reset will not change the Collect by to Administrator, only for those sales where the current field is empty. Continue reading ›