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 Use Swim to ensure your customers have a great experience

Let’s face it, Christmas is really, really close. In the next few weeks your store will go from busy, to crazy busy. So before the crazy begins, here’s a few tips on how to make this your best Christmas ever.

If you missed part one of this blog series, you can view it here  Using the 5% Factor to make this your best Christmas ever! In that blog we discussed three ways to increase your sales:
– Increasing the number of customers
– Increasing how frequently they purchase
– Increasing how much they spend

In this blog we will look at ways you can increase the number of customers buying from you, to generate more revenue. Part 3 and 4 of this series will then look at the remaining two. Continue reading ›

Jewellers receive a few unexpected giftsLet’s face it, we all want more customers, though finding the marketing dollars to drive traffic to the store can be costly.

At the JA New York show, marketing guru Jim Ackerman will step you through how you can get more new customers through the door with little or no up-front marketing costs.

The secret…. referral marketing.

Join Jim at the JA New York on Sunday March 13 from 2:35 to 3:35pm.
For a flyer on the event, click here JANY 316 Flyer

Not attending the JA New York? Jim will also be speaking at the Smart Jewelry Show in Chicago and can be contacted at


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With the silly season behind us now is the perfect opportunity to try something new to reach out to those new customers. The busiest time of the year for most jewellery stores is now over and with that is an expected drop in sales, but how is your jewellery store going to stay on top of the rest?

Plan to appeal
to your customers from the moment they see your store, grab the customers attention with a fresh new look or clean up. New lights, fresh coat of paint or even moving key displays to a new location is an easy and sure fire way to grab a customer attention. Don’t be afraid to go big and bold the appearance of your store is one of the most important deciding factors on whether a customer is going to walk in or walk on by.

Getting your customers attention
is a vital part of attaining a sale but how are you going to grab the attention of those shoppers who haven’t left home yet? Online marketing or social media marketing is a booming industry that offers huge opportunities with variety of options for store owners to grab those extra sales and make the customers keep coming back. Continue reading ›