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Securing business and customer information is of utmost importance to all retailers. If addressed and implemented correctly keeping data secure can be simple and straightforward. If forgotten or overlooked, the unsecured data can be accessed by unwanted persons, leading to negative press, lawsuits for lack of compliance, and a very big headache.

Duty to Protect Customer Information

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Tax Time Reports Cheat Sheet


Listing of Stock Items in Swim Jewelry SoftwareTax time for any jewellery store owner can feel a little daunting.  Your accountant is asking for this figure, that figure and what was that figure again.

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Just wanted to share a few of the lovely comments we received this month from users:

Swim has taken our business to the next level, marketing, stock control, ease of operation, its unsurpassed.

Judy Cameron, Cameron’s Fine Jewellery

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Introducing Swim’s latest feature – the ability to add tasks to non stock items and stock items on the sale and book in the job onto a calendar, straight from the point of sale.

What this means is you can assign tasks that people need to complete in order for the job to be done, book that task into the calendar by the person, task and time required, and even colour code the task so you can easily see what type of task it is (eg quote, repair, polish, setting, valuation).

Update for Swim


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In the latest update of Swim we have added a variety of new features. This includes various sale page enhancements, the ability for single click printing and searching for a supplier code through a sale. For more details keep reading:

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