Speed up inventory entry and manage items with ease. Import and export price lists and inventory items, receive electronic invoices, use barcodes, RFID, pictures and re-order quickly and easily for finished and raw materials. 

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  • Full Control

    Complete jewelry specific inventory control in real time

  • Jewelry Specific Details

    Including unlimited item description, metal type, stones, weights, band style, size, width, certificate numbers

  • Direct Stock Import

    Import your entire stock lists and inventory effortlessly into swim.

  • Automatically Recieve Stock

    Receive ordered stock through a supplier order directly into your stock inventory

  • Advanced Searching

    Find stock by number, supplier, model number, department, category, metal, stone, weight and price range

  • Unique and Quantity Stock

    Use both serialised (unique) inventory and quantity inventory.  Have one number representing a quantity of items, or a unique stock number for each item

  • All Types of Inventory

    Track finished pieces, raw materials, loose stones, findings, consignments, memo, catalog stock. Assemble (build inventory) and dis-assemble (remove components)

  • Stock Statistics

    Fast sellers, best sellers, price points, lowest sell price, minimum quantity, stock profitability, ROI, transaction history, markup and days on hand

  • Pictures

    Unlimited number of pictures for each piece with thumbnail and full printout size. Pictures show on quotes, receipts, appraisals and stock searching.

  • Price Management

    Update pricing individually or in bulk. Import price lists. Assign default markup by department and cost brackets

  • Stocktake

    Track items by location within store. Stock take by location, counter, department or supplier. Track using barcode, RFID or keypad entry.

  • Multi-store Control

    Track inventory live, across all stores. Control your stock from anywhere. Transfer stock between stores. 

  • Manage Stock Details

    Edit stock information at any time. Assign user permissions on what each user can view and edit. 

  • Appraisals

    Create and print appraisals and valuations with pictures straight from the sales or stock pages.

  • Mobile

    Use iPads and tablets to find stock, perform stock counts, view stock and show stock information to customers

  • Components

    Quick assemble and dis-assemble of stock using components. Quote on, find and assign components (diamonds, labour, castings etc) to sales and jobs.

  • Buying Groups

    Special buying group features allow you to pay for stock and expenses through a buying group while maintaining full supplier history.

  • Consignment/Memo

    Track, sell, manage and return consignment and memo items

  • Barcoding and RFID

    Track items using barcode or RFID. Easily customise your tag layout.

  • Beaded Jewelry

    Advanced bead management including tracking by tray number and suppliers barcode. 

  • Diamond Search

    Search for loose diamonds and diamonds in finished pieces using the diamond characteristics and price range

  • E-Commerce

    Use Swim’s Magento plugin or ecommerce API integration to instantly link your inventory. In Swim you can select which items to show on the website and instantly update availability.

  • SKU

    Search and recognise stock on sales, when entering stock and searching throughout the system using Swims stock number, your own SKU, the supplier’s model number or barcode number.

  • Stones

    Track and manage all stones on a stock piece. Enter the diamond particulars, Rapnet price and price paid. Assemble and disassemble stones from a finished piece.